Well, hello there, it’s been a

long, long, time, that’s for sure.

We haven’t sat and chatted over
a cuppa tea for too long…
Lots to share, catch up on…”

So, how are you…what’s up?
morning me











And to that question, I answer:

“Well; a lot; everything; not much…”
You? I inquire. family? work? fun? plans?

Delighted that the summer has been…
Not too hot, surprisingly; relatively cool!

Did you know that August has
five Fridays,five Saturdays, five Sundays?

And this won’t occur again for
800 years – the last was 1191.
that’s a very l-o-n-g time!!!**

Is that not a fun bit
of trivia to know? Especially since
I plan to “show my face”
every weekend, starting today, right here…



* Today I am reappearing and using the weekly meme Six Word Fridays in my début; you can read more here.

**Edited 8/11/2014 – Actually, that bit of trivia is more an “urban myth.” The next time this phenomenon occurs is May 2015!

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One thought on “long*…

  1. It was worth the wait my friend 😉 I look forward to August’s Fridays and seeing more of your cuppa, pen, and smiling face! ♥

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