B is for Book Lovers

This trio first linked over lifelong learning…and it remains the frame upon which the kinship rests. Each of us is blessed with a strong curious nature.  But as the years go by, I recognize that the steady beat of our hearts and sizzle of our minds within that frame is fed by books and story.  From Laura’s evocative reading experiences here (“review” does not capture the writing) to Honore’s “reading made real” in one project or another, I get to float above the ground a bit…stand outside the pandemonium…just for a few moments. Sweet.


...from the latest book sale...

…from the latest book sale…


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3 thoughts on “B is for Book Lovers

  1. We three are connected like leaves in a book or leaves on a tree. Enjoy your gems!

  2. …and I love both your takes on the leaves that bind…

  3. TREmendous Trio ~~~ 😉

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