S is for shared experiences…

…whether we are together or not. We grabbed a quick overnight visit to Chincoteague Island at the end of April. I saw this rock…and immediately thought of you two.  And, of how you would be as excited as me about happening upon it. And, of how our steps become a little lighter when we find a heart out there in the world. [It sits there sending love everywhere…to everyone. Just sending it out there.]

Near Chincoteague Light House

Near Chincoteague Light House

Then, after a dinner of crab soup + crab cakes + crab imperial and after a dessert of hand-churned vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone, we sat on our balcony while The Littles got into their bathing suits for the “hotel pool.” I thought of that heart again…and of how many sunsets we have shared…whether we were together or not. Thanks…

Sunset over Chincoteague Bridge

Sunset over Chincoteague Bridge


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3 thoughts on “S is for shared experiences…

  1. Gorgeous words…images…thoughts…and heart (yours)!

    Now, what’s crab imperial? 😉

  2. Good eating 🙂 Good company 🙂 Good hearts 🙂 the best.

  3. Wishing yet knowing I was there, as you say. Thank you ever so much for sharing and holding us dear in your heart. You are always in ours, too. TBC…

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