S is for sights seen…

…on my walk! Honoré here and I do believe Spring is finally ready to sprung – pardon the syntax. Today is on the warm side – hooray! The temperature’s hovering around 60 degrees. And even tho’ it’s been rainy off and on, the sky is dotted with patches of blue. So, off on my walk I went, taking in deep breaths of fresh air and the sights along the way:

…birds of all feathers, especially robins and cardinals. Neither would be still long enough for me to snap a pic ; cardinals are especially difficult;

…trees brimming with red buds; new leaves will pop any time;

…and the tulip tree down the block from me is just about to bloom – give it just a couple more days of warm temps;

…here ‘n there, daffodils and crocus and even a branch or two of forsythia. Note to Self: search out a bush or two; i ❤ forsythia;

…but the most unexpected and different sight seen was these; I have no idea why they were there!

…in search of their owner?

…in search of their owner?

Fun! Fun!



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One thought on “S is for sights seen…

  1. Did someone just have to run their bare toes in spring grass! Oh, oh, we could write a shoe story to explain this interesting pair of shoes on a lovely rock wall. LOL! 😉

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