S is for Sunny’s Story


Kathy and I have been friends for two decades and we’ve shared our passion for writing over the years which on some days looks like inspiring wise words like what she sent to me today, “Have I told you recently that you’re amazing?” And on other days, “Shut up and write.” Nuff said.

She co-authored her first book with Gayle Nobel in 2006 and after reading an early draft we chatted and I said that being a parent of a child with autism was all about attitude and that’s what shines through in this book; she later said that would make an excellent title for their book: It’s All About Attitude: Loving and Living Well with Autism.

Sunny’s Story has been crafted and drafted for many years. When Kathy, my hubby, and I decided to support each other in our writing endeavors a few years ago Write Niters was born and we were the first privileged readers of her story and offered our honest feedback and suggestions. Mostly Kathy was thrilled that we liked it, wanted to keep reading it, and laughed in all the right places!

The process of writing a book in itself is a feat that often goes unacknowledged—the uninitiated thinking authors sit and type and magically a story appears. Easy. Peasy. Kathy not only sat and wrote (when she could snatch the time from her daily commitments and zone out hurricane style distractions) but she also edited and rewrote several drafts!

Then she shared. Aaack you may say, they’re only little back hashes on white paper. No biggie. Untrue. They are a writer’s blood, every word carved out of her heart, and etched with life’s water of sweat or tears onto the page. Sharing is being vulnerable. Open and trusting. Kathy is one of the bravest people I know.

Once it was ready she committed to learning about her publication options and chose a print on demand company and invested even more than her time into this book. There’s the ideal cover, there’s proofing, decision after decision until the file is approved and sent and voila a book is printed and mailed. An actual book. Whew!

Kathy gave Jeff and I a cherished signed hardcover copy of Sunny’s Story and even thanked us in the acknowledgments—our names in print! LOL!

Here’s where I come in: to sing her praises. Here’s where YOU come in: take a look and see if Sunny’s Story speaks to you—as an added incentive here’s my recent review on Amazon:

Sunny is a free spirit who will capture your heart with her (mis)adventures in life and love. Where ever Sunny shines her brilliant beacon of love and laughter—hilarity is sure to follow! Her story will lift your spirit, alternately move you to snort out loud or wipe away a tear, you’ll find yourself rooting for her like you would your BFF. Delve in and allow Sunny’s Story to transport you to the brilliant blue skies of possibility, dreams realized, and unconditional love.

It’s available on Amazon and you can read more about Kathy’s writing journey on her blog and visit her website Sunny’s Story.  And I’ll close with this quote from author Deborah Day that sums up my intention of this post ideally: “Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all. For we are connected, one and all.”

Keep writing, Kath—the world needs your words! ♥

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One thought on “S is for Sunny’s Story

  1. Thanks Laura for introducing us to Kathy and Sunny’s Story. As you know, I don’t read much fiction but this one is going on my Kindle, for sure. (It was Jeff’s review…). TBC.

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