D is for debtFREE

I posted last month on Facebook that we had finally paid off a huge credit card debt. It took all year and more than a little blood, sweat, and tears but we did it! We were completely debt free in 2005 when I began my virtual assistance business. Since then the credit card balance grew and when Jeff was laid off at the end of 2008 all we were able to pay was the minimum due. (Sigh) All that was being paid was interest for three years and I saw no light at the end of the tunnel.


“This book is about living consciously, fully, and joyfully in our relationship with money, and learning to understand and embrace its flow.”

Here are a few resources I used to make this debt-free dream a reality: Suze Orman’s audio book (any will do!); a gift from my client/coach/friend The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist; the opportunity from Chase to transfer a balance with no interest for one year. I jumped on the opportunity! Some months I didn’t make the payment goal I set for myself and others I was able to add extra but I held the vision of what being debt free felt like and meant in our lives. Freedom. Not only financial freedom but the freedom of flexibility and making different choices—taking the path less travelled.

We are now 100% debt free and I am ecstatic!  When I posted on Facebook some friends asked ‘mortgage and everything’? Yup!  We own our humble home, drive twenty year old vehicles, and have no other loans or debts. It’s a shift to a new way of thinking living in the now and being present to opportunity and possibility on a new level.

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2 thoughts on “D is for debtFREE

  1. So inspiring, Laura…sometimes it’s hard to remember that slow and steady wins the race…congratulations to you and to Jeff.

  2. Ditto K’s remarks! Quite an accomplishment, especially in these times. Carry on!

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