S is for Story, my One Little Word for 2014…

Greetings…and surprise! Honoré here, the wayward third member of Our TriVista returns! And yes, I have been a very absent voice on this blog. Lots of reasons why: broke my hand and general “I am  some T.I.R.E.D of winter” malaise…but, that’s over. My hand is healed…and since I can’t do anything but “go with Mother Nature’s flow,” anyway, I’ve decided it’s best for me to move on and rejoin life.

So, here I am, ready and willing to fully participate and mostly, be present, show up here on this blog and share my story, too. I have legions of stories to document and share – those from decades ago as well as the everyday variety. My intention is to tell these stories in a variety of ways: via photos, blog posts, quilting projects, scrapbook and album layouts…things I do, places I go, people I meet and tales of us.


I have missed this space and my friends who are ever so understanding and patient. Thanks Ladies. I look forward to sharing my and our stories —Our TriVista!


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2 thoughts on “S is for Story, my One Little Word for 2014…

  1. So glad to see you Honore`. You look like you are ready to take on the world.
    Tell us the story of your broken hand.Happy that you’re passed it.Take good care. love,janis

  2. This photo made me smile BIG, you are captured so perfectly. The STORY sign looks like too much fun. Where is this? Can’t wait to see what stories you share, I treasure them all. Welcome back—happy your hand is healed. We have to plan ahead for an OurTrivista cuppa in person when I’m there in May! Vugs! ♥

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