R is for ritual

Since August 2013 I participated in Patti Digh’s 137 Days counting down the last few months of 2013. One of the pleasing rituals that I practiced was transferring an item from one container to another to ‘let go of’ or release the day. Along with this blessing:

Today was a day of glorious imperfection. And that is what made it beautiful. I thank this day. And I let go of it, deeply.

Patti had us write the things we were grateful for on a scrap of paper and collect them all, I used screws to count down the days here are my goodies from 2013:

2013 P137

My 2014 ritual is to move little items like stones, shells, sea glass, any tiny item into this glass jar. I say the blessing and drop it in to release the day. I write five things I am grateful for in my journal and five things I accomplished that day. There is incredible power in this small practice. And incredible peace. Do you have an end of day ritual or practice?


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One thought on “R is for ritual

  1. Until I broke my “write” hand, I too participated in the 137 Days Project and enjoyed the PM ritual…and then I lost track and initiative, tho’ I did try to continue capturing my daily gratitude…I am still doing my daily “iHeart” gratitudes but I think I’ll add the ritual, too. I like what you’re doing…thanks and

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