E is for email

BKP-GOL-001-2Dear Laura,

After far too many delays, I am delighted to tell you that one (or more) of your pieces of art have been included in my upcoming book, The Geography of Loss: Embrace What Is, Honor What Was, Love What Will Be.

Congratulations! My publishing team recently provided me with their list of selections and I wanted to let you know ASAP since I know you’ve waited a long time to hear.

I am overwhelmed, as always, by the contributions of readers like you. The art submitted was stellar and, as with my other books, it was a difficult decision for the publisher to make their final selections. I’m so pleased you’re included in that group!

Again, many thanks for your contribution.


Dearest Patti,

I hope this electronic attempt at gratitude reaches you and conveys even an inkling of how much this email made my day. Heck my month!  I’m sure all the artwork and messages blur together after a while but my two pieces were ones my mom made in art therapy before she died while she was struggling with dementia. The stories behind both are an inspiring testament to her awareness of her situation, she most wanted other caretakers and loved ones to know, “We’re still here, we’re still us…”

Her art in your books will share that message in a huge way—she would be over the moon! I am over the moon on her behalf, and I keep saying out loud, Mom, your paintings are going to be published. In a book!  

Patti, you’ve touched my life with your books since the day you personally answered my Tweet and helped me get personalized signed copies as gifts. Verb Tribe and Project137 are ways I’ve experienced community, writing, and creativity in empowering and life affirming ways. Thanksgiving is the perfect timing to say thank you. For your books, your wisdom, your heart and soul, for walking your talk. Thank you. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

Happiness and bright blessings to you and your family. And of course, big vugs! (virtual hugs)

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3 thoughts on “E is for email

  1. So beautiful Laura! This brings tears to my eyes and reminds me again what a beautiful, generous & loving soul you are. Blessings & big vugs to you!

  2. Lisa said it perfectly, Laura…my heart is so full for you…and because of you. Your response to Patti took my breath away. Go, Mom!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your mother, my dear friend. I am so pleased for both of you and can’t wait for Patti’s new book to be published.

    Who would’ve thought that when I gave you 37 Days, oh so many years ago, that it would result in this?!


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