M is for meet up !

Last week, Kathy and I spent the day in St. Michael’s , MD. We have a plan to meet-up on a quarterly basis and spend the day, catching up with one another. We missed our spring tete a tete and just barely made the summer deadline. But we did! We met at the St. Michael’s branch library – but of course – and while I waited for her, I sat outside in the reading garden. Luckily, I was able to capture this butterfly who was having a love affair with these flowers:


We have this wonderful tradition of taking a picture of one another taking a picture of one another; this is my photo of Kathy getting a picture of me:


And we had a grand time, talking and talking and talking…and for lunch fairly good Maryland crab-cakes… topped off with delicious hand-dipped ice cream cones. Just the right ending to a perfect day’ See you in October, friend!



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3 thoughts on “M is for meet up !

  1. October, eh? Maybe it will be a trifecta! Vuuuuuuugs ♥♥♥

  2. When are you up here next, Laura…I was hoping for a trifecta too!

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