B is for Back to School…

In many parts of the country, some kiddos have already gone back to school. Today is the day for my 12 year-old, in the 7th grade, grand-niece  (who wants to be 21 like her older sister).

As I’ve done for the past 8 years, I was on hand to greet her for the first day of school – partially because it was fun to see the little ones, all spanking clean in their new school uniforms, new shoes and way-too-big backpacks. Certainly made me nostalgic for my back to school days…

This morning, my sister – her grandmother – and I made our way through rush hour traffic to continue the tradition. Kayla (my niece) was happy to see us and stopped long enough to pose for the obligatory photo sessions. She wasn’t smiling much, however – more like a scowl (what a bother written all over her face).

And then the magic happened: a friend tapped her on the back, she turned around and there was this:


What better reason to go back to school ?



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3 thoughts on “B is for Back to School…

  1. Love it! ♥♥♥

  2. …yeah, “what a bother” face may have been there, but, wasn’t she the one who asked if you were going to be there? I love that Connie was with you this year!

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