D is for The D Word

It’s such a telling notion of our time that the most recent run of Abraham Lincoln movies/books/articles strongly features his lifelong history of depression, isn’t it? However, I am choosing to consider the trend a personal note from the Universe…another link to being Open…just as my One Little Word is a link. Depression flows through my family like a river…sometimes slowly, sometimes fast. As true a trait from the Charles side of the family as the shape of our eyes. And, it has been a hard reality to accept that there are periods when the chemicals of my own body betray me. You say: “You? The Ultimate Optimist?” I say that in my case, this is not related to optimism…it is about an infinitesimal spread of desensitization. An often unnoticed drain/bleach of color from my world.  Thank goodness for my optimism gene, my determination to find joy each day; who knows how things would go without it.

...July...One LIttle Word

…July…One Little Word 2013…

The truly difficult part is that until I emerge from that space, I am unaware of being in that space. The last time was the year Jonathan was born. 1988-1989. I see now that the last 2 years have been…iffy. Thank goodness for love of family and friends too! When did I see? When did I feel free? When I followed a whim and popped in that Bonnie Raitt CD…and started dancing and singing. Jim has since shared that I’ve been away from music for such a long time…wanting/needing silence in the car for well over a year. See what I mean…I had no clue. Thank you, Universe.  And, my OLW, mother…well, that was no accident either, was it?

...the call of Home...May visit to Indian Head...

…the call of Home…May visit to Indian Head…

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3 thoughts on “D is for The D Word

  1. Wrapping you in a warm mothering vug Kathy! What an authentic sharing of your discovery…love the flower bursts…keep glowing my friend…joy and love really are the cat’s meow. ♥

  2. Your words brought me to tears.The realizations come.Often surprising,leaving us in a better place. I love you first daughter.Now I know what they speak of when they say “jewel in your crown”,

  3. “Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength.”
    ― Napoleon Bonaparte
    …and a wiggle or dance to a Bonnie Rait tune also helps… Dance on dear friend…dance on!

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