P is for phone photography…

As friend Kathy is fond of saying: “Howdy.”  (btw: It’s always a treat to hear that phrase from her).

I am participating in an online phone photography class this month: each day we’re given a photo prompt and introduced to new apps – many are for both the iPhone and Android smart phones.

Spending most of this lazy, hot summer day ( 91 degrees at 3:17 pm. So-o-o-o glad I took my daily walk this morning, before the heat set in. As it is, I was dripping wet when I returned home, about 10:30 am) toying around with a few scrapbook layouts and one of the  apps introduced in the class: Fuzel – it has a large collection of templates for creating photo collages and is fun. Thought I’d share two of the collages I’ve created:

This first one contains shots I took on my walk this morning; this template comes with the free app –  (there are many others: :


I just love the color palette of each shot, especially the upper left of the morning glory and black-eyed Susan flowers. They spell q-u-i-l-t to me.  The day lilies in the lower right have made me happy every day this past week…I heart day lilies and this year’s crop has been superb!

This second collage  is created from a Fuzel in-app template – meaning that you have to pay for the templates. They are funky – which is their name – and fun.  Our prompt  for this: make a collage using our initials and a self-portrait. I thought this was fun…


You can learn more about Fuzel here. Sadly, the app doesn’t yet exist – as best I can tell – for Android phones but it seems from my search that a version is in the works.

This has been a nice interlude ~ so great to chat with you. I’ll chat with you next weekend…and in the meantime, stay cool.


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2 thoughts on “P is for phone photography…

  1. What inviting colors…and Fuzel looks intriguing… your creativity is an inspiration. 😉

  2. Uh…will you help me get a phone turned on?

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