H is for heart…and another fresh start

Honoré here. Seems that I have been starting my posts- the few I’ve written this year – with an apology and/or lame explanation as to why I’ve been so absent here. Not like me at all and enough so that my friend Kathy gave me a call yesterday to see just what was up. Well, I could say that I’ve been

  • busy
  • traveling
  • lazy
  • uninspired
  • disorganized
  • wordless
  • __________(fill in the blank)
  • all of  the above

Truth be told: I have grand plans and ideas and resolve…and then, day/s come and go, and I write or post nothing, not a thing, da nada. Ah dear…

Each year, we three have chosen a word to guide us through: Kathy’s is Mother; Laura’s – Be ; and mine: Heart. And each day in this year, I’ve made a journal entry, noting at least one thing I’ve “hearted.”


When we started this year, we agreed that we’d use the convention of the alphabet to focus our posts. 26 letters. 26 weeks. 26 posts. Write. Reach the end. Start all over again.

We are in the 26th week of the year , the halfway mark of 2013!  Can you believe it? And that’s where I am…ready to start all over again, anew. Here’s my plan: On Saturday or Sunday, I will blog, following our initial plan; in my post, I hope to  share something from my week’s journal entries – in other words, something from my heart. I hope my plan works…it will as long as I follow through.

To my dearest friends, Kathy and Laura, know that you are my heart, quiet as it’s kept…


PS. Look for my next post, Saturday 6 July!

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