M is also for Mother’s Day Stuff…

Table #7

Table #7

2013 is the year! Finally! On Saturday, May 11th, my mother and I traveled to Indian Head to join Tammy at the Annual Mother/Daughter Tea at her church. I have been trying to get there for years. While our daughters weren’t there, we were able to make over Darren’s. My niece Niki is a walking hug; and the addition of her Vanna and friend, Paulette, made our table perfect. And at a neighboring table, my niece, Pam, and her Cheyenne, welcomed her sister and mother. The female energy in the room was so powerful. So, why did we allow men to run the world again?

The theme was Heirlooms & Lace

The theme was Heirlooms & Lace. This centerpiece is amazing.

I have always been so focused on the mother/daughter part of the gathering that I missed the fact that this was a TEA PARTY! Oh my…

...centerpiece magic...

Is anything better than mismatched teacups?

I’ve been obsessing a bit on the domestic arts lately. Maybe I knew I would see this table.

The Village Green at "the top of the hill" in Indian Head

The Village Green at “the top of the hill” in Indian Head

Mom and I zipped around town before the tea. This shot captures my childhood. I spent many hours on the Green…from firework displays to Halloween costume parades while in elementary school to quiet times sitting on the fountain (where did the rocks come from?) during a solitary bike ride…thanks for letting me drive up, Mom.

Next time, the adventure continues with the other women in my family!

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3 thoughts on “M is also for Mother’s Day Stuff…

  1. What a lovely memory, day, table setting…thanks for sharing.
    And you ask: “Is anything better than mismatched teacups?” to which I must reply: “Yes! Sitting next to or across from a dear friend sipping our tea from those cups.”
    Love ya!

  2. remember we are ” like minded ” my darling. there was no letting you go. i wanted to also.it was quite nostalgic. the day was wonderful.

  3. The tables are absolutely gorgeous…I know you enjoyed your cuppa surrounded by all that womanly love! Here’s to the three of us sipping together soon! Love & vugs till then! ♥

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