M is for Musings

Yep…I’m still here! While winding up activities started yesterday…which was not only National Scrapbook Day but also National Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you!), I stopped and sat my posterior down to write! Finally! We chose TriVista as our blog title to emphasize the 3 characters, words, lives reflected here. As I read through what my Dear Friends have added over the last month and delight in their words and imagery, I regret that my view is missing. My apologies. After all, the triangle is one of our most esthetic yet strongest structures. So in typical random fashion…

Beautification Project

Beautification Project

These 2 bushes were all that remained alive at our entrance. Action was required. Kate, The Littles and Grammy headed to Lowe’s for new plantings! We spent a too-perfect Sunday digging, raking and giggling. I’ll add a picture as the area fills in.

Heartfelt gift from our Consortium family

A heartfelt gift from our Consortium family

Each year during April’s Autism Awareness Month, Autism Delaware and the Sussex Consortium offer a First Responders workshop focused on understanding/serving our folks and others with verbal communication/neurological differences. The 2013 session was in Jonathan’s memory; Jim + I were asked to provide the “human” side of the information. Well, Jim wasn’t quite “ready for Primetime,” as he said, so I put on my public speaking face and sallied forth. I spoke first. I did well…Jonny’s big smile behind me on the projection screen, hitting my points, mixing humor throughout. But to my surprise, as the day progressed, the autism experts kept referring to Jon’s experiences and deferring to me for comment. That old knot in the stomach came and went…tearing up only occasionally. Then as the day drew to an end, Pam Graves…who started out as Jon’s para when he was about 6 years old and ended as his teacher/transition coach for years 14-21…stepped forward and began to speak in a shaking voice. “You know, we lost Jonathan last year…”  She presented me with the gift above. Pam hopes to place it deep in the sand at the spot where Jim spread his ashes. The group had come together to literally solidify how much they loved Jonathan and love us. I was taken aback at first…despite its beauty, this felt like a grave marker. But, the signs are everywhere. Laura’s sky-reaching release of Mom, the Marina Day hat (epic) story and, of course, the timing. We are entering the rapids of our first year without Bubba. On May 7th, he was near death when he entered the hospital for the first time. We thank the heavens that we have Loved Ones in the raft, paddles at the ready. And, Jonny’s hand on our shoulders yet again.

This smile fills me up.

This smile fills me up.

Let me present Healthy Man! While this super-hero is sitting instead of digging the holes for our plantings, he is cancer-free and more himself than he has been in 2 years. Maybe longer. Surgical recovery was painful + demanding; it was particularly hard given Jim had never been through any of the hospital stay/home care scenario. But, slow and steady wins the race has been our life together and will continue to be. I’m just thrilled at the prospect of what our future holds…starting with a trip to Idaho in September where I will meet his NASBLA family after 16 years! Yee-ha.

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3 thoughts on “M is for Musings

  1. my eyes are swimming with tears. i continue to be amazed at your strength.

  2. Greetings from 35000 ft high in the sky. Welcome! Welcome!
    You know we *always* love hearing from you! Thank you for sharing those super extra-special moments. You are, as Janis sez, strength personified.
    Love ya, dear friend.

  3. The signs ARE everywhere, K! LOVE the pix and your heartfelt words. ♥

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