S is for: Here’s your SIGN!

Marissa is Marina Day’s lifelong friend: M&Ms. A few days before Marina’s transition Marissa asked Marina to send her a sign but couldn’t settle on anything specific. Marina assured her, “You’ll know”. Marissa told this story at Saturday’s lunch to a tent full of in drawn breaths and gaping incredulous jaws. My body experienced a sensation that went beyond chills into an explosion of tingles accompanied by those flickers of light at the back of your vision—perhaps a tickle of knowing. Why would I be surprised by this story—of course Marina would send a Marina-sized-sign!

Here are Marissa’s words as she later shared on Marina’s Lovefest Facebook group for everyone to experience:

“Trey and Nick’s mom found this (purple) hat in the bedroom of a little girl that she is a nanny for. She asked the 3 year old where she got it- and she didn’t have an answer. Mrs. P took the hat downstairs to ask the mother where the hat came from and she responded, “I have no idea, I’ve never seen that hat before”. At this point Mrs. P asked if she could keep the hat and took it home with her where she placed it in front of an angel figurine and sent this picture to me and her sons. At the time that I received the picture I happened to be talking to my roommate about Marina. Marina had promised me that though I couldn’t think of a specific sign she could send me that I would ‘know’ without a doubt when she did send me a sign. Hence, the story of the Marina Day hat.”


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3 thoughts on “S is for: Here’s your SIGN!

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    Wow…just wow. While I completely + fully believe, it’s still a mind-blower.

  2. I know, right!! ♥♥♥

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