Marina Day

I’ve been in denial—struggling with truth for several weeks. Marina Day died of leukemia the night a rare comet soared across the sky this March.  A brilliant light has gone out in the World. And the world. Goes. On. How is this possible? Why? Oh the pain-filled questions. I leave on Friday for Georgia to join hundred’s of Marina Day’s loved ones in celebrating her life. Celebrating her life with those who treasured her is exactly the balm my heart craves.

With her parents Sharon & Mike the Day’s created a Facebook group when Marina was diagnosed and being treated in Boston. Marina’s Lovefest is filled to the brim with hundreds of friends and family members who fiercely envisioned her healing, wellness, and wholeness. People who showed up to this space as love-in-action with their OMing and photos and snippets of joy.  Witnessing the creation of possibility, love, faith, and authenticity has been an honor and a blessing. Marina’s journey and her relationships, especially with her mom, inspires me to be as bold and beautiful in all of mine.

Over the past thirty months I’ve send cards and little gifts and always received the sweetest notes back from Marina. In one she shared that she was choosing her ‘one little word’  (that Jeff offered to scrollsaw for her) because she didn’t see herself this way and wanted to to be BOLD.  O, beautiful child of the sea—you lived bold, you died bold, you are the essence of bold, you inspired others to a boldness they may never have  dared. You’ve gone first—so bold.  Your memory trails a thousand pinpricks of light across the night sky like a comet—here and gone too soon. You were a force of nature and embodied bold in your  music, dance, laughter, humor—you and your love were incredibly bold and beautiful.  I am grateful for your light in my life.  Namasté my friend.


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6 thoughts on “Marina Day

  1. Please write my eulogy, will you?

  2. talbottr on said:

    Please write my eulogy, will you? What a lovely, touching memorial. ♥

  3. ❤ Have a wonderful Marinafest time. I'll be there in my heart.

  4. What a lovely tribute to Marina; know how much we send our love to you and her family & friends. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  5. As usual, our Honore said it beautifully…I’m holding you close, Laura.

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