N is for “no snow show” …

My friends are too good…I’m sure they are wondering what’s up with me…and short of nothing except I’ve just not been on the ball, I have no reasons or excuses or explanations for my too long and too frequent silences on this blog! I am alive, kicking, not too busy, don’t have computer or Internet problems, am not overwhelmed or even underwhelmed…just haven’t been very communicative on the blog!

Today, here in the nation’s capital, we were supposed to have anywhere from 5 inches to 8 inches of heavy, wet snow! It showed up  just like I’ve not shown up (here on the blog in over a month of Sundays). Everything was shut down: schools, local, state and federal governments, etc. We were all prepared and basically, all for naught . T’wasn’t a bad thing tho’ cause it has been wet and windy all day – not a nice day at all to be out…and for that, we are appreciative. A disappointment in a way – we’ve not had any ‘real snow’ in over a year…of course, we had more than our share in 2010. Way more.

no snow

weather about 8:30 am this morning

All in all, it’s been a quiet, good day for taking it easy, for catching up on a lot of little things here-n-there…like posting to the blog and following through on a commitment. Perhaps today’s not-quite weather event is Mother Nature’s way of getting us to slow down and be more mindful. I like to think so.

It’s good to be back! Hi y’all!


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