I is for Ido

AMAZING book by an amazing young man.


There are books that entertain and books that speak to our souls. This book hooked itself in my soul and left me speechless. There are no words to describe Ido’s (pronounced Eh-do) journey to communicate despite the barrier of autism. Amazing. Extraordinary. Miraculous. This insightful authentic book of essays about Ido’s world is impressive—witnessing his growth from negativity to hope and possibility made me cheer for him! His language development and quick wit and humor make for an engaging read.

My friend for the past seventeen years Mark has autism and  is now twenty-nine. I wish more than anything to give him the tools that would allow him to communicate with his loved ones. Glimpsing his world through Ido’s words has been an uplifting and inspiring call to action to help Mark connect.  Thank you Ido, for your courage, perseverance, and your beautiful heart.

Ido’s video

Ido on Facebook

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One thought on “I is for Ido

  1. This sounds like something else I’d like…will check it out. too.

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