Stopping by…

…to offer a quick hello. Why? To put into action one of my OLW intentions: there is just enough time. I have my own thank yous to share and a story or two, but for now…I’m thinking of you. The photos are at a Lewes Library Ladies Luncheon last October…hence the disguises. This bunch and I make sure we get together at least once a year. Just enough time.




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3 thoughts on “Stopping by…

  1. This is too funnee! I know you all had a rollickin’ grand time.

  2. Oh, just enough time for a belly laugh at these pix! I delight in your sense of humor dear friend. ♥

  3. Wish I could take credit. But, Beckie…President of Lewes Library Board, no less, picked up the googly eyes while at Michael’s. I did contribute the flowers though. A “just in time” thank you because I completely stink at sending thank you cards.

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