I …

…am woefully behind in terms of getting in step with 2013! This year, my get up and go has been practically non-existent. On both ends of each day since we rang in the new year I‘ve made plans and lists and promises to: do this, be that, just start, finish up, begin again, renew, jump-start, refresh, re-engage, disengage, schedule, unschedule, create, recreate,  reflect, reverb,  and chastised myself over and over again for not following through.

…certainly have many ideas to explore, projects to push forward, things to celebrate and do, places to go, and people to enjoy spending time with…

…am not exactly sure why I find myself in this gyration, this whirligig; I just am. Not a complaint, merely sharing a glimpse of where I am at this point in time.

When I started composing this post, I had not a clue about what I’d write, certainly not what I have written.

And now that I have, I think this is what I needed to do, ’cause as my mother was fond of saying: “time to get crackin’ kiddie, time’s awastin.I feel better now. I guess I just needed to acknowledge and put it out there.




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One thought on “I …

  1. ‘I’ think you are amazing! ‘I’ am inspired! ‘I’ think your photo of blue(?) branches is gorgeous with your elongated shadow in the background. Good shot.

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