Y is for YES!

In Early December Brin’s beau came to see Jeff to ask for her hand in marriage. Wow! Jeff explained to Jeremy that he really needed to come back and ask both of us. Double Wow!  And he did. (I was touched by both Jeremy & Jeff’s choices). We gave him our blessing and when I asked him why he had decided to ask her he said, Because she’s the one, Momma. He’s a true romantic but it was the perfect answer. He chose a beautiful engagement ring online and had it expressed. I helped him with a reservation at a local French restaurant, he wanted to ask her on their two year anniversary December 15th. The restaurant had never had a proposal in their establishment so they were excited to help. Jeremy wanted their waiter to deliver the ring in a glass of champagne right after he gave Brin her anniversary card and he’d get down on bended knee to ask her.

On December 14th the ring, which should have arrived days ago, had not been delivered. Jeremy called me to ask what he should do. (There was a touch of panic in his voice!) I went out on a limb and suggested a fun outrageous solution because they are a playful couple with highly developed sense of humor. I said get her a plastic ring something silly and crazy and make this a story your grandchildren will want to hear over and over!  And he did. He found a huge gaudy plastic diamond the size of a walnut and it gets better; a twist made it light up inside! Perfection.


He asked—she cried and said yes. She laughed through her tears at the ring!

real ring

The REAL ring finally arrived on Christmas Eve and on bended knee in the middle of us parents getting to know each other gathered in their kitchen—he asked her again. Isn’t young love gorgeous and inspiring? ♥(Pix of real ring coming soon!)

We love you Brin & Jeremy—happiness, bright blessings, and love, love, love ♥

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4 thoughts on “Y is for YES!

  1. Congratulations to the young couple (and the beaming parents!) Wishing you much happiness in your life together

  2. What a super fun, great memory! Thx for sharing with us. A date for wedding set, yet?

  3. So romantic…such a story for generations hence. *sigh*

  4. Thanks my friends…no date yet…will keep you posted 😉

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