P is for Past, Christmas

We enjoyed Ben’s caroling at his pre-school last night. A half-dozen 3-year-olds jammin’ to Jingle Bells. So fun. And as so often happens, I flashed back to my own Littles and times passed. While rummaging through recently scanned photos, I found this shot of the Maynard Bumper Crop awaiting permission to dive into the stockings from Mammaw. From the left, we have First Grandchild Shannon. Luckily, she had us all for 4 years before Heather (1981), Jeffrey (1982), Catherine (1982), Katie (1982) were born. Mac (1985) is 14 months old and Josh (1986) is in my arms as I take the picture. Anything sweeter than the faces of children for the holiday? Yes, most have their own kids to pose now…and to hear the explanation of first, second and third cousins. *grin* It’s a Hill Thing.


So happy to say that my picture-taking has improved!

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2 thoughts on “P is for Past, Christmas

  1. Love the kidlets! And your description: ‘the Maynard Bumper Crop’! Vugs!

  2. Love that photo and story! 26, going on 27 years ago…reminds me of a photo I have of me ‘n Dolly…must pull it out. And I see Samantha in your Kate…

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