T is for 12.12.12…

12.12.12 or the twelfth of December in the year 2012…and this is the last time for a hundred years that this date will come around  again.

US News and World Reports lists dozens of way people are marking the date. Were I a gambling person, I’d probably play those numbers, along with hundreds of thousands, I’m sure. Wonder if the number will come up?

Just think of all the babies in this world that will be born on this momentous day…plus those whose birthdays are today, as is my sister’s. Happy birthday Connie!

A star-studded cast of musicians is holding a concert in Madison Square Gardens to benefit Hurricane Sandy survivors; you can learn more here. Should be a blow-out show!

According to an article in the Gaylord Herald Times, some people are marking the day by wearing 12 of something; that would be hard for me, I don’t think I have 12 of anything wearable…but I do plan to take twelve photos…and I will be participating in this  online virtual scrapbooking event. It’s almost as good as being in Maui, I tell myself ;-)).


Whatever, I plan to make copious notes for posterity for the next time 12.12.12 rolls around, not that I’ll be here… What are your plans?  Whatever, do enjoy and the best wishes for a great day!


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