J is for…

…Journal Your Christmas! Yay JYC! Thirty+ days of documenting the reclamation of our holiday from prep-joy to post-joy and peace (and recovery). Can she do it? Yes, she can! Of course, that’s what I said last year.  Solution? I just moved the front page for 2011 (which was just lovely – I’ll post a pic soon) to the back of the album and made room for pics from the Big Events of December 2011 to follow. Now while I await the creative nudge from Shimelle for the front page for 2012, I have papers/theme ready to go. I just need to find 1) a single embellishment to feature on each page through-out  and 2) “Christmasy” numbers from 1-31. There is that other problem, of course. What do I do about those absolutely must-have vintage Christmas papers showing up on Scrapbook.com for this season. They call to me. Help.

The JYC 2009 cover’s verso…a first…and last…attempt with ModgePodge. What was I thinking? I HATE to get my hands yucky.

I love the “fussiness” of my Christmas albums. I don’t embrace physical sparklies much in my regular life. But they seem to be my default setting for this annual album.

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One thought on “J is for…

  1. I love the way you are re-purposing 2011. Genius. But of course you knew you were clever…per usual, I’m still debating several formats/combos…will share later.
    Here’s to JYC and counting…

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