T is …

Thankful for my friends: Kathy and Laura …when I think about how long we’ve been friends, (since 2000 when Kathy and I first met and 2007 when Laura joined us), with much of it virtual, my heart swells with thankfulness for all these many moments that we’ve shared over the years. We’ve:

worked together

laughed together

played together

blogged together

cried together

held one another together

learned together

loved together.

For these many moments and those to come, I salute you dear friends, look forward to the days to come and send you love! You lift me up


This entry was written by Honoré and published on November 21, 2012 at 11:12 am. It’s filed under Connections, Friendship, Gratitude, Honoré, Love, Relationships. Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post.

5 thoughts on “T is …

  1. Oh Honoré your post made me teary eyed! I am immensely grateful for your and Kathy’s friendship and presence in my life….our three-way connection has blessed and abundantly filled my life these many years. Big vugs! ♥

  2. PS ~ you had me at the tree photo…is this one of your shots? Lovely.

  3. Yep; took it last Sat. Thanx and glad you like it. I *heart* trees.

  4. T IS for thankful, isn’t it?

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