H is for Hurray, Honore!

Wherever and whoever you are, celebrate the fact that a kind, determined, creative, free-choice learner was born today. Say it with me now: HURRAY, HONORE! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

“We think funny.”  I am totally the cool colors gal; Honore the warm. First, we independently selected these little gems. Second, who chose the blues and who chose the yellows. Yep. Complete reversal of the usual. We love it when that happens. Because we think funny.

Ever in our corner, ever there to listen…thank you. I have concluded that every woman needs a big sister to love.

Our most recent “photo of taking photo” from September. At the same B&N where we have been zooming in to meet for about 8 years.

And, yes, I did need to look up whether to use whoever or whomever…what of it? *grin*

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3 thoughts on “H is for Hurray, Honore!

  1. I just l-o-v-e it that we “think” funny…and thanks so-o-o much for the well wishes. Can you see my BIG grin? And I’m honored to be your “big sister.”


  2. LOVE this post, and I 2nd that you both ‘think funny’, LOL, its my favorite thing about each of you!
    Here’s my cheer: HURRAY, HONORE! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    big love & big vugs

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