B is for books (of course!)

Two new releases from favorite authors in the same month!

Remember my post about the note that my hubby and I leave for each other? I opened the sealed Amazon box and guess what I found inside (besides the books!)? Yup, our ‘i loves you’ note! Jeff wins most-unexpected-place-to-hide-the-note award!

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3 thoughts on “B is for books (of course!)

  1. Oh that Jeff…so clever! And truly deserved the most-unexpected-place-to-hide-the-note award!


  2. The Twelve arrived 2 days ago…decided I didn’t want to wait for a library book. Have you read?

  3. I’m re-reading The Passage, but Jeff has delved into The Twelve already and says he doesn’t recall all of the characters, so I’m glad I’m rereading first. So far he says its rambling and not sure where its headed. Keep me posted on your experience. Vugs!

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