P is for peanut butter

For me peanut butter is the ultimate comfort food and I like it anyway I can think of eating it. It’s one food I can easily overeat and is way too many points for this lifetime Weight Watchers member. Here’s my new fix to tame the beast and satisfy my craving without the hydrogenated oil and high calories. Betty Lou’s Just Great Stuff organic powdered peanut butter which is two points plus for two tablespoons (sweetened with organic coconut sugar). You can mix it with water to turn into a paste but I add powder to my morning chocolate protein smoothie and voila: a Reese’s flavored snack that really satisfies! Thanks Betty Lou.

It really is Just Great Stuff

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2 thoughts on “P is for peanut butter

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    Try real PB on the Simply Naked Pita Chips for a snack extravaganza. Little goes a long way with those points…

  2. Me, too lazy to fix but sounds scrumptious. I eat PB very infrequently – tho’ I love it, especially with tomato soup and sometimes on an apple as a quick snack. One thing I learned eons ago: never eat PB at night, right B4 bedtime; nightmares ensue!


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