E is for…

…Exchange. Annie Norman and I have been able to enjoy some alone time over the last several weeks – an exchange of ideas and conversation that is rejuvenating for both of us. We even had one of those Annie/Kathy moments. She pulled up to a gas pump in a southward direction…we noticed all other cars were facing northward…then we noticed the arrows painted on the lot. Heading north. Yes, I had directed her there. The Annie/Kathy moment? We both laughed and moved on…ignoring the stares from the other gas-guzzlers. Just doesn’t matter, does it? Pay attention to your exchanges today…

(Generally awful) Council on Libraries Meeting- August

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2 thoughts on “E is for…

  1. Gather that was the highlight of *that* day! Did you get your gas-pumping gloves, yet?

  2. As I read I had a vision of you and Annie as Salmon: swimming upstream and grinning all the way!

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