Look who is back!

We hadn’t seen ol’ Smoke, a neighborhood feral cat, in a month of Sundays.  I first introduced her here. Last Friday afternoon, I opened the front door and there she* was, a surprise and looking not at all any worse for the wear. When Norman came to the door, she immediately went into her coquettish antics, rolling on her tummy and back and meowing… of course, Norman was mesmerized and hurriedly went to the kitchen to fix her a “plate.” Oh, those winning ways…

*Yesterday I spoke to a neighbor who’d had Smoke spayed a few years back…and yes, she’d seen Smoke all summer, off -n-on. My neighbor also told me that ol’ Smoke is a female…so, now we know!


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One thought on “c-a-t…

  1. I love Smoke’s half mustache—and oh, Norman is a Dear!

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