H is for hope

Last May I visited my Aunt Margaret in Canada, she was selling her home in a retirement community and moving into an assisted living facility. There was only so much she could take with her and one of the things slated to be donated was a hope chest. I have a weak spot for boxes. I am prone to falling for all shapes and sizes, makes, materials, they call to me from the nooks and crannies of thrift shops and craft fairs. I currently only have one hope chest which is home to my childhood treasures, memories of a twenty-seven year marriage, and keepsakes from Brin’s journey from newborn to young woman. I am a devout keeper.

My Aunt told me the hope chest was the first and only gift her parents had given her—it was an engagement gift. She’d had it for over fifty years!  The chest was empty and a delectable cedar scent wafted from inside which still looked new—irresistible itself but it had family history!  But I was going home by plane. I couldn’t take it. No way. Fortunately, not only am I keeper but I’m a hoper.

After staying at my Aunt’s for a few days I was hosted by my dear friend Beatrice and her husband Joop in Oakville. I shared the story of the hope chest and asked if I could get it to her house could it hang out in the basement until I figured out how to get it to Florida. Bea’s a kindred soul and a hoper, too. She welcomed the dear chest and even helped me carry it downstairs when it was delivered by my Aunt’s pet sitter a few days later.  Do you see the synchronicities keeping the hope alive?

Once I was home I made a few inquiries for shipping but the cost was simply too high. Bea said it was fine where it was for a while and we would wait and see what the Universe sent us. Fast forward sixteen months when Bea spoke with friends who planned to visit south Florida in September and who had a brother and sister-in-law who would be driving from Canada to meet up with them. In a VAN. What fabulous friends that they agreed to this hopeful adventure!

Hope Chest Travel log leg one: September 9th left the basement of Bea & Joop’s Oakville house driven to Toronto. Thank you all for giving this hope wings.

“Oh. the places you’ll go” dear hope chest on your way from Toronto to Ocala!  How do you keep hope alive dear reader?

My attraction to boxes seems to be, what’s inside? What treasures or dreams?  Or what could I keep inside?!

Filled with HOPE…can’t you see it gushing out?

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4 thoughts on “H is for hope

  1. what a wonderful chest !

    my motto, “we live in HOPE”.

  2. I am so very happy for you and delighted it works out so well, my dear friend. I only wish I could have travelled with it so I would see you again!!!

    Wishing you magic with your new Hope Chest!

  3. We do indeed Janis! Thanks for reading and sharing 😉

  4. What a great journey…looking forward to the next leg of the trip. Sharing serendipitous moments, like the one you shared in this post.

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