C is for…

…Cheers! Once again, I was working on this post when a different idea poked me in the ribs. You probably don’t know this, but our Honore is an I-Love-You-Present Fairy. Dear reminders of her friendship randomly appear in my mailbox and make my day! [Thanks so much for the GIANT tags last week. I’m using one on the new album cover…but, I digress.] Honore always signs off a letter or note with Cheers! Fits, doesn’t it?

But, what does Cheers! really mean? There is great controversy on the topic. Who knew? It can mean thank you. It can mean good-bye. I’m sticking with the “here’s to your health and happiness” toast version. That’s what runs through my head when I read it. “Here’s to you. And, here’s to me!”

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4 thoughts on “C is for…

  1. Love the timing on your post about Honoré’s ‘cheers’ and receiving a package from her the same day with a note saying cheers and vugs! 😉
    Cheers to US!

  2. I never ever looked up the phrase but I’m like you – I go for the “here’s to your and my health and welfare.” Thanks. This post brings a huge smile to my face. Looking fwd to seeing the tag in use.

  3. Cheers!
    In agreement with the Health & Happiness, I also add (mentally with each raising of a beverage), and in Celebration of…
    Love Ya Sis 🙂

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