R is for road-trip

My friend Jaime lives in Maine and she plans to come to Florida for the birth of her granddaughter, baby Emily. On the phone she explained how she could fly but she’d rather drive so she had her car for the few weeks she’d be here. Do you wanna fly up and have a road-trip with me? YES! Then I set about the looking at the logistics. Work and commitment wise it was a good week. I’m flying Allegiant Air and it took me a while to book a flight. At first I interpreted it as a sign not to go. I stepped back for a few days and reevaluated. My wise self asked me if I really wanted to go? YES! I answered again with no hesitation. Okay then, she whispered, make it happen. And I did. I’m flying to Bangor on September 13th and Jamie and I will begin our road-trip home on the following Monday and take a few days to get to Florida. We may pop in and see friends unexpectedly en-route!

What’s your most memorable road-trip? My first and only road-trip alone was in 1997 the first summer I ever had off because I worked in the school system. It was awesome!  I drove my husbands brand new spiffy bright yellow Ford Splash Ranger from Florida to Ohio, then on to Toronto, and finally to Massachusetts where I stayed for the summer. I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, took my time, daydreamed about a life of travel, and soaked in the freespiritedness of my adventure and connecting with friends and family along the way.

Where would you go?

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One thought on “R is for road-trip

  1. The last trip over 400 miles was to Ohio two years ago…was leisurely and I’m thinking about doing it again, soon. Enjoy your trip! Sounds like great fun! Maybe I’ll see you?

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