V is for VUGS

I’m thinking back to the year 2005 when I attended AssistU’s online training program  to become a Virtual Assistant. In an email to my trainer instead of signing ‘hugs’ I said I’m sending you virtual hugs and so ‘vugs’ was coined. I’ve become the ‘vugs’ gal ever since. 😉

Last year our annual AssistU Homecoming event was held if San Diego and one of our VAs took my vugs a step further and it became  ‘vugs to hugs’ because we were meeting in person and could hug each other’s necks. The virtual relationships and bonds I have built over the past seven years as a VA have astounded me. People want to connect. People care. People reach out. People are willing to be authentic and vulnerable even though they haven’t met you face-to-face. People are amazing.

Today I am celebrating the letter V for VUGS! And I’m winging a vug your way which I ask in turn you give away as a hug to the next person you see!

My dear hubby made many of these signs as gifts for my fellow VAs after the 2011 Homecoming. This one was received by the lovely Tami Savage.

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One thought on “V is for VUGS

  1. Ya know how much I Heart my Vugs…daily!

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