A is for…

alphabet soup. do you remember eating it as a kid and trying to find the letters that spelled your name? did you ever?

august is h-o-t! and dry. we awoke to the sound of rain this AM; it’s always good when it rains and this year, especially so…

absent-mindedness. I plumb forgot I was ‘posed to send the current issue (Aug/Sept/Oct 2012) of Artful Blogging onto my friends, especially Laura ’cause her letter to the editor is published in it!  isn’t that cool!!! check out the issue at your local bookstore.

art journaling. this year I’ve been taking a lot of fun art journaling classes and next week, I’m taking a class with Tim Holtz, undoubtedly one of the best known designers/creators of mixed-media paper craft projects. I’m excited.

accomplished! in this post I talked about completing a long-overdue quilting project that I’d hoped to finish by end of July. well, I didn’t quite make that deadline but I am so-o-o happy to announce that as of yesterday, August 13, I finished and sent it to the quilter. Hoo-Ray!!!

The quilt was a 2010 block of the month club I participated in; the quilt was designed by Sue Spargo.

So, what’s on your A-list?


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2 thoughts on “A is for…

  1. Oh my, Honoré this is absolutely gorgeous! What do you mean you sent it to the quilter? Love your A-list, number three made me smile! Vugs!

  2. kmgraybeal on said:

    While I knew – and loved – all of the berries on this piece as I watched it come together…I had no idea about the birdies and the snowflakes. Hello, Artist.

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