A is for activity!

We’re celebrating the letter A this week. Out of all the awesome words that begin with A as in my ‘one little word’ for 2012: actualize; or my last name; or our country’s name since the Olympics are culminating, I definitely had excellent options but I chose ACTIVE. This word is what brings balance, fulfillment, and accomplishment into my days. One of the tools that have inspired me to be more active is Weight Watcher’s Active Link—a flashdrive sized data recorder that captures all of your body’s movements using an accelerometer. Similar to the technology used in a Wii controller.  How amazing is that?

Four green lights equals 100% of my daily goal!

The daily graph shows my activity for every hour—the higher the bar and the darker green the better! I can label my exercise sessions for CrossFit, walking, or swimming as well as the intensity.

Tracking my activity this accurately has shown me how much I need to move after long stretches of inactivity at the computer, writing, reading, or watching a movie. I use my egg timer to remind me to get up and move at the end of every hour and I row, walk, dance, or engage in a home-caring activity. Peak exercise periods are important but sitting for long periods can counter all that effort, so consistent activity all day is the ultimate goal. What motivates you to stay active?

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2 thoughts on “A is for activity!

  1. Well that looks like a piece of technology I can also use…how neat and congrats on being so active. Like you, I find it easy to get stuck in a sedentary position and up til now (or when I get one of these nifty gadgets), my only way of staying active has been sheer “won’t power,” as in, I won’t let myself not go out for a walk, etc…and we all know how those self-talks turn out…here’s to moving more!

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