just five months til Christmas…

Two years ago, my friend Pat and I participated in a block of the month quilt club. The goal was to make and complete a quilt, made primarily of hand-dyed , felted wools, silky to-the-feel cottons, and embellished with  embroidery  and beads. When finished, the  eight blocks plus borders quilt  measures 39″ x 51.”

Pat finished her quilt in late April. I am still working on mine! My goal was to have mine completed, i.e., all the blocks embellished and sewn together, by today, July 25, 2012. I won’t make it! But, I am getting closer to the end – hooray! -and I do expect to make the final stitch by the end of the month. Most of what I have left to do is to make and add the border  the quilt border. Most of that involves hand stitching. Can you imagine sewing on wool in 100+ degree heat! Guess I gotta do it if I’m to meet that deadline (thank goodness for A/C).

And why, you say, since Christmas is five months away? Well, so I can send the quilt top to Oregon to have it quilted – you know, the quilt sandwich is put together and then the final, fancy quilting stitches are added… they hold the sandwich together.  Here’s one of the blocks…

Guess I’d better get busy!


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2 thoughts on “just five months til Christmas…

  1. Kathy on said:

    You mean busiER, don’t you?

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