…motion…and no motion…

Kathy here:  following a challenge to photograph motion, I knew instantly to choose Ben’s shot below. He just recently joined the Take Pictures with Grammy’s Camera Club; and, as with all photographers, he shines through in the picture. Obviously, I then needed to explore Samantha’s pics. Her macro preference…interesting. What do your photos let out?

Yes, Ben requires nail polish on his big toes. After all, his mother and sister paint all of theirs. And yes, Paw is totally weirded out about it.

Samantha cannot really explain what she likes about – nor why she needs to – take pictures close, close, close to her subject.

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2 thoughts on “…motion…and no motion…

  1. Love these shots. Two! budding photographers in the family, each with his/her own style. I know these are going to make it in the scrapbook, too!

  2. These brought huge smiles, love your club, love the kidlets perspectives. I am either macro close on flowers and bugs or I want a 4×6 camera to capture the entire sky or giant tree—there’s no middle ground for me!

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