returning to normal-ness

Honoré here: We’re slowly returning to the normal-ness of life. Our hearts and love reach out to, our girl and dear friend, Kathy and her family after the death of Jon, or as Kathy shared with me, the Ambassador as he was known among family and friends. I like that and I shall always  think of Jon  in that way. Time has a way of dulling and blurring  – helping us heal and move forward, remembering the goodness of those we love who are no longer with us.

Normal-ness means about ten degrees cooler, thankfully. We have survived and endured the record-setting/breaking heat and storm – a derecho – the likes of which very few of us in these parts (Washington DC ) had ever heard of, let alone, experienced. Yesterday (Monday, 9 July) we awoke to the pitter-patter of a soft, gentle rainfall . A welcomed sound. What a glorious feeling to step outside and not be blindsided by 100+ degrees heat. It was actually a joy to be out!

And speaking of joy, every morning for the past ten days or so, give or take, I’ve had my morning/day graced by lovely day lilies in the backyard. What a treat to look out the window and see these flowers as I engaged in my most favorite  everyday morning activity – Morning Solitude and Quiet Time.

Here’s to your normal-ness.


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3 thoughts on “returning to normal-ness

  1. lovely and blessed normal-ness may it reign peacefully in your homes and hearts….thanks for sharing Honoré.

  2. Well said, Laura…I think this gift has been missing in most lives at one time or another as we negotiate our way thru the Great Recession. And, Honore, I bought myself flowers just yesterday. What a tonic they are!

  3. Especially in our hearts. As K says, we need to be mindful of those things that bring peace and normal-ness as we negotiate, daily. So glad you bought flowers, K. I once worked with a librarian who bought herself a bouquet of flowers every week Friday. She lived in an apartment so was unable to grow them. I think we should all pamper ourselves in a similar manner.

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