best laid plans…12 0n 12…

I have a new iPhone! I bought it expressly for the camera! Takes really great photos! On Tuesday, June 12, I used both my new and old  iPhones to take 12  photos…since Tuesday was June 12 and we were each going to take and post 12 photos for this week.

As is normal, I connected my old iPhone to my  iMac and a) synced with iTunes and b) uploaded the photos I’d taken to iPhoto. So far, so good!  Next, I connected the new iPhone to the iMac/iTunes, fully planning to upload those photos taken on 6.12.2012. And there, I hit a glitch!  First, iPhoto didn’t/couldn’t import the photos I’d taken…and then, iTunes/iMac decided to “restore my iPhone,” whatever that means. Upshot:  I lost all the photos taken with my new iPhone, including those taken 6.12!

And so, this is what I have left from my 12 on 12 photo shoot…and I think only because these were on my old iPhone (which has now become an iPod). Oh well, better luck next month… I think I’ll use the cloud, too!

PS. One thing I love about the iPhone, whichever version: I can take screen shots, just by pressing the camera button and on/off switch simultaneously. Too cool!

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One thought on “best laid plans…12 0n 12…

  1. Awwww shucks, some days technology just doesn’t seem to be on our side! I put everything in the cloud these days, DropBox has a nifty new feature to upload directly to DB from camera or memory stick. Love it!
    Happy shooting on another day 😉

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