…smashing is messy…

…and we know how Kathy gets about messy. But, I’m trying. There will be a full 2-page spread ready next time. For now, look what I found in the SMASH book I used for my Learn Something New Every Day (LSNED) album last September. Tucked in a pocket at the back, I imagine I kept it there because it captures my mother so well. The extra-cool part is that it is a card to Josh for his 4th birthday. And, I pulled it out on the morning of his 26th birthday. The heart fills.

Only classic Pooh will do…

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3 thoughts on “…smashing is messy…

  1. precious serendipity…adore Pooh….I Promise. 🙂

  2. precious serendipity…adore Pooh…I Promise! 😉

  3. Ahhhh…..and he’s grown into a sweet wonderful man.

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