…friday challenge…

It really is a challenge to take an uncaptured shot of something I see all the time. Part of being present is an acute awareness of the world around us…particularly nature. Ask The Fam…our photo collection are full of – what they consider – random pics of soybeans, stumps and skies. [I like ’em.] This at-least-one-picture-a-day philosophy serves as a visual reminder of the richness of my days. That said, this bunch of pines and run of fence greets me each morning as I whip into my office parking lot. I’ve been known to sit in their shade enjoying a peaceful lunch while listening to a book.

Ugh. Super-muggy and it’s only 7:15am.

Speaking of morning, we are redefining the Morning Routine at my house. Jim and Jon are building a rhythm to their days as Those At Home. So am I. Husband and I have even been able to enjoy quiet talks over bowls of oatmeal and blackberries…unheard of during the work week. Lovely. But on other days, this scene is the morning routine.

The tea mug? A gift from 3-year-old Samantha

SMC & BEJC headed to the same trail at Cape Henlopen traveled by Mama and Uncle Josh so many times so many years ago. You’re smiling too, aren’t you?

I’ll close with someone(s) who always make me smile.

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3 thoughts on “…friday challenge…

  1. Oh, Kathy your someone(s) made me smile BIG! Lovely post and pix, thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the change-up in the AM routine…isn’t it wonderful to start the day from a place of peace and tranquility…and the Littles on the trail is delightful. They do grow fast, don’t they?

  3. ahhh…..the littles….. what joy they bring.
    thankful for those minutes of peace.
    i am in awe of kath and jim.

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