Friday 25 May 2012…

We decided to change up things a bit and share with one another and you, our readers/followers, a little bit about our Friday, using this challenge as our inspiration . And, instead of five photos, we thought 2 or 3 this time out…so, without further adoo, here is my contribution:

My morning routine: Without a doubt, my mornings are my favorite time of day. Each day, regardless of when my day is scheduled to begin, I give myself at least an hour before I have to get ready for whatever to enjoy the peace and quiet of a day unfolding. I call it morning solitude and quiet time – MSQT. I fix a tray with a cup of green tea, a glass of orange juice and a glass of ice-cold water…

…and  seated in my chair, I greet the day :  listening to classical music on my iPad, reading, writing in my journal, thinking, feeling, appreciating. I have been greeting the day with MSQT easily for twenty-plus years – Friday was no different .  I never tire of the practice…in fact, I am constantly working on ways to extend the practice, i.e., the feeling and peace of MSQT throughout the entire day.  Bliss. 

A place I drive by all the time and have never taken a photo. US Route 1 reaches from Florida to Maine and is a major thoroughfare connecting Washington DC to VA and MD. I live just a block away from US 1 – in the District, it is Rhode Island Avenue – and drive it easily 2-3 times a week. The route going north always takes me by the building that was my first office location when I started working in 1974 for the Prince George’s County MD public library system . Recently, on my trips I’ve noticed that the building was being renovated and each time I drove by, I’d tell myself to stop and see what was what. Well, this past Friday, I did stop and learned that the building has been turned into loft apartments – I am presuming residential tho’ they could be offices. Whatever, it looks interesting and I think I’m going to call the real estate agent  and set an appointment to go for a look -see. My curiosity has been whetted.

my office was located on the top floor of the building on the left; the building on the right was originally a firehouse…

Across the street is a very interesting sculpture of colorful horns (saxophones, I think). These are new to the block and  too have caught my attention as I drove up and down US Route 1. At last I now have the photo I’ve been promising to get.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little photo essay. I’m looking forward to Kathy’s and Laura’s takes…bet you are too. We’ll touch base again June 5 or so. Enjoy your week and have a great life.


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One thought on “Friday 25 May 2012…

  1. LOVE the pix and the stories behind them. You inspire me to keep at my morning quiet time of journaling and writing. 😉 Vugs!

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