summer is here…endings & beginnings

I was so busy last week I totally forgot to post about my day! Then I realized all three of us missed the week which I think is truly funny and so like each of us to be in synch like that.

This week on Wednesday my client’s online training group celebrated their learning and accomplishment over the past five months at a graduation ceremony in Maryland—I was with them in Spirit!

I treated myself to a day OFF in the middle of the week. I did go to CrossFit and helped Jeff briefly with a project plus we went for a swim, but the majority of the day I lost myself in a novel. Pure bliss to not have to stop and do something else except turn page after page after page. Ahhhhhhh, the life of a bibliophile for me. 😉

This period piece is set in Boston 1915 a year after our heroine lost her mother and sister on the Titanic. She seeks solace in a medium’s crystal ball and seemingly impossibly an opium den.

Summer is here and we’re swimming in a friend’s pool as often as possible—daily if our schedule allows.  Relaxing, soothes sore muscles, and is great exercise. Here are pix of our pool companions!

They love playing the fishing game with a rubber frog on the end of a fishing pole!

The gang: Oscar Jr., Jim, Molly, Noodle, and Oscar Meyer

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One thought on “summer is here…endings & beginnings

  1. The pups are adorable. Can’t get over how much you look like your mom. Brin is just plain gorgeous. Good for you for taking Wed off!

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