home again…

I just returned late Wed evening from a ten-day trip to Sisters, Oregon, my absolute-est favorite-est place on earth. This trip was my fifth since 2009, to attend a quilting class or two. In addition to having a super wonderful quilt shop, the small town of Sisters, population approximately 2000, has the most magnificent view of the Sisters Mountains, part of the Cascade Mountain Range. Even though I have seen those mountains – Faith, Hope and Charity – many times, they never cease to still my heart. Magnificent.

Sisters Mountains ~ I left my heart…

So, I’ve been home for nearly 48 hours and I’m slowly, very slowly, re-entering the atmosphere. It took most of yesterday to unpack and of course, attend to laundry. Today, I managed to get through the junk mail and, even though I’d not planned this, wound up clearing out a storage area underneath the stairs in the basement, which of course, necessitated a trip to the dump. And wow, before I knew it, the day’s over .

In my studio, there are lots of projects vying for my attention. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have a little more get up n’ go…and then again, maybe I won’t . Time will tell. To be continued…


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