goin’ with the flow…

Monday, April 30:

7:00am CrossFit (I’ve been participating for a year!)
8:30am Donate blood
11:00am -1:30pm Weight Watchers Open Hours
2:30pm NAP! 😉
3:30pm Client call

I’m not the ideal candidate for donating blood: my blood pressure runs very low like both my parents; my veins are small; I’m not a big fan of needles. The last time I gave blood it took fifteen minutes compared to the four or five it took each of my family members to donate. Brin and I came straight from our workout (see pix below) same as last time but my blood was flowing even slower this visit and they had to stop and dispose of the half bag I’d filled.  I was so disappointed—its a painful process for me when it’s successful but to endure for nothing was sad.  I may need to find another way to give back to my community and keep the love flowing.

STRONG is the new skinny!

Up, up, and away....I'm inching my way from a sixteen inch box to twenty inch.

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One thought on “goin’ with the flow…

  1. You go Girl! Keep at it but don’t disappear on us ;-)). Sorry “giving blood” is so tough on you. Yep, I think finding other ways to “give” is the way to go. You’re resourceful and I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll be perfect.

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