Hey there! Sorry I missed our chat yesterday…I’ve had a busy weekend, including today. We’re having top-down convertible weather (and yes, KMG, I know you are mis-er-able ~ so am I! And fearful that the AC is on the blink. The thermostat isn’t registering a temp and that’s scary, but a subject for another post, hopefully more positive…).

But, back to the weekend: Saturday I attended an all-day workshop at the Queen’s Ink – my favorite go-to place for luscious card stock and pattern papers not to mention that  just walking through the shop is a visual feast where all the displays and product scream: try me! try me!

The workshop was on altering books and the product was the beginning of a reference book (just the idea of such wooed this old retired librarian’s heart ;-)) of techniques, such as making pockets, flip-ups, windows, adding zippers, etc. We had a gay ol’ time and my creative juices  really flowed. By the time I got home, about 7 PM, I was worn out by the endorphin rush.

one of my pages...

Sunday was a very lazy morning…and in the afternoon, I went to my monthly knitting class. We’re making a 16-block afghan, each block has a different diamond motif. Yesterday we started block #4 and after a few false starts on my part, I got into the swing of things.

the empty space is where block #4 is going...

Believe it or not, this class is taught by a librarian…she’s the chief materials’ selector for Howard County Library. And did I mention that yesterday was convertible top-down weather? Not that I have one but I saw several on the road.

not mine but nice...

Again, when I got home, I was bushed and finished the day sacked out in front of the TV – not watching – with a glass of bubbly. I’m thinkin’ a nap ensued…

Mondays are quilt guild day and so, off to Columbia I went for the second time in as many days. Today we had a guest lecturer, Penny Haren (from Ohio) who has created a Pieced Applique Technique that is easy, appears to be fun and results in blocks with perfect points and curves without sewing. She’s doing a workshop tomorrow that I can’t attend – boo hoo – but I did buy one of her books!

Norman started to mow the lawn today and of course, the lawnmower acted up.  So we had to take it to the lawnmower repair people who suggested that maybe there was water in the gasoline. We bought and  poured some stuff in the mower that’s supposed to take care of that problem (as I am writing this post, he’s out trying to get it going and sadly, I don’t hear it …). But you know what? I think I’ll go fix a bite to eat, have a glass of bubbly and watch the news.

Hope you both have a great week and I’ll catch up with you next Monday, April 23.


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One thought on “aka…

  1. You had my adrenline flowing when I read alterering books…ahhhhhhh. 😉

    I can definitley visualize you in a top down mini convertible! What color would you pick?

    Love your detailed photos…happy week to you… ~L.

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