I am a bird

Verb Tribe Too began on Thursday and I was still awake at the stroke of midnight Thursday morning and couldn’t resist peeking at the prompt that was finally accessible, ‘You are a bird’.  I watched birds all day and wondered about them. I listened to their calls, cries, and caws with a new ear attempting to differentiate and recognize them.

On Friday morning I was early to CrossFit and sat in my car with my little notepad and jotted down a few lines and words that came to me during my drive. Later at home after Morning Pages were tucked away I sat with my trusty Ticonderoga pencil and my blank sketch book and captured this poem:


My body is the night
blacker than pitch.
Imagine the evening sky, stars snuffed out like candles.
I am soaked in black
my feathers reflect iridescent purple.

Bold am I.
I scream at my crow cousins.
I am mighty—
They are minions in my kingdom.

Raven am I.
Maven of heaven.
My intense inky eyes
blink rapidly
on either side of my head.
Monocular vision—
so foreign to you,
allows a view of ALL.

I am always alert, ready, poised.
The branch sways
I hold my head still
to triangulate.
What buoyant substance is sealed in
these hollow bones?
Which make my body
than the air that kisses it?

I am not shackled by gravity
my wings spread in a shadowy embrace
my legs thrust
I point my beak to the rising sun.
Close to the ground I swoop and loop
over my crow cousins.
Krak, krak I call
to remind them
I am here.
Always watching.
Their dark master.

I lift on a current like a branch in the sea
and surge
a black smudge in an azure sky.
My belly is full.
My wings are strong
I beat them up then down
and feel the wind
shoot me higher.

A thermal!
I bank right.
The heavens are devoid
of other life
I circle the funnel of air
feathers streaming
eyes seeking
my wings stroke the air.
krak, krak
alive, I scream. I am alive.

This entry was written by Laura and published on April 8, 2012 at 12:17 pm. It’s filed under Beauty, Creativity, Just for fun, Laura, Learning, Lifeology, Writing. Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post.

2 thoughts on “I am a bird

  1. Great writing. Very graphic. Looks like VT2 is going to be quite a ride.

  2. Thanks Honoré! First I was a bird, then a cloud, and now a snake….perspective, perspective, perspective. :::smile:::

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